Freedom shouldn’t be a privilege of the few. #sharethesafety
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Buy a Gun, Give a Gun to an American in an At-Risk Neighborhood

You know how important it is to protect your family. But you may not know that some of America’s poorest citizens cannot afford to arm themselves against those who would limit their freedoms. That’s why the National Rifle Association is proud to partner with Smith & Wesson to Share the Safety.


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“WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”— Anders, Memphis, TN

How it Works

Make an underprivileged American safer while treating yourself to that Smith & Wesson you’ve always dreamt of. (After all, giving is supposed to feel great!)


BUY ONE • GIVE ONE — A sense of purpose now comes standard with every purchase


Sam Stevenson
I was looking for a gun anyway…

"I was shopping for a gun for myself, but when I realized I could take advantage of this new program I was excited to get on board. I need to defend myself and my family, but it's great that I can help a good guy defend himself in the process."

Lamar Roberts
Now I can protect myself!

"I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and it seems like every year more and more people in my neighborhood get shot and killed by security guards, cops, and vigilantes. The only way to be sure you survive is to defend yourself, and I'm grateful to finally be able to do that."


On July 4, 2016, the Share the Safety Buy One, Give One program will begin helping thousands of poorer families and individuals to defend themselves against institutional and other violence.

Whether you're struggling to get the means to protect yourself or are simply eager to give to the less fortunate…

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These days, the most endangered species is the law-abiding American citizen—especially the one who lives in a poor urban center. As profiling and institutional prejudice endanger the urban poor, politicians work to restrain their ability to protect themselves. It’s more important than ever to defend our rights and stand our ground. Won't you help those who can't afford to?

The National Rifle Association is proud to partner with Smith & Wesson to Share the Safety, a revolutionary "buy one, give one" program that serves to protect your loved ones plus an at-risk family in one of our country’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Sign up now to be notified when the program launches this Fourth of July. For each stylish gun purchased, an appropriate gun will be donated to an at-risk, low-income, documented citizen in the urban center of your choice. Your purchase will not only reinforce your own security, but it will forever transform the lives of the law-abiding urbanites who will for the first time be able to defend themselves against those who prey on the urban poor.

Share the freedom. Share the responsibility. Share the safety.



These are just some of our neighbors most in need — places in America too impoverished to afford effective self-defense.

* Locations shown reflect locations with highest incidences of police, security guard, and vigilante violence against unarmed citizens.